We pride ourselves in creating positive experiences for everyone we work with, while delivering desired results. The following statements are testimonies from our patients…





“Hanna loves going to speech! We see consistent improvement each month. It is so exciting to watch and hear her work on improving communication.”


          – Katie



“The quality of the service has been outstanding. My daughter has thrived communicatively because of various learning techniques used.  It’s refreshing and reassuring to know/have experienced that there are so many ways to approach and constructively progress through such a complicated field. Thank you for helping and showing us such uncompromising commitment.”


          – Danielle



“My son has been consistently improving since we met Mrs. Hoyle. She provides very nice service, and is very friendly and patient.  She is always looking for new techniques to help my son with his disability.”


          – Claudia



“Pam’s outstanding program coupled with her knowledge, skills and patience, ensured Nathan’s continuing mental and emotional development. She has been a part of Nathan’s life for about 8 years and we consider her a part of our family. We are so blessed!”


          – Beth 



“The quality of service is outstanding. If I had to rely on the school for speech therapy for my son, he wouldn’t be a fraction of where he is today, receptively as well as expressively. I couldn’t have found anyone else to give my son this level of dedication or commitment. Thank you!”


          – Danielle